PHP is the most popular programming language used worldwide. In fact, more than 80% of websites on the web are powered by PHP.The reason is down to its simplicity of use and flexibility. PHP is great for both newcomers and professional developers. Professional developers can make use of its many advanced features, while newbies can easily get to grips with the basics of PHP. This allows developers to build innovative and interactive websites easily. PHP is also open source and free to use, making it a highly accessible programming language.

Why Choose PHP For Web Development

As far as programming languages go, PHP is usually straight forward and simple for developers. If you are wondering if your site should be built using PHP, then here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Development is less time consuming: Developers can use reusable PHP components for their projects making development a lot easier and faster.
  • PHP is flexible: PHP code is compatible with all major platforms, from Windows, Linux and MacOS. Making it a great choice for creating cross-platform applications.
  • Easily scalable: You can easily take a small site with a few pages and turn it into a huge project with thousands of pages.
  • Easy to maintain: PHP can easily be modified and changed to meet new business requirements.
  • Hosting support: The best hosting providers will all support PHP in their plans and usually with no extra cost.
  • Improves website performance: PHP was originally created for dynamic web pages, so it was designed to solve tasks quicker than most other programming languages.

Features of PHP

If the above benefits of PHP weren’t enough, just take a look at these brilliant features:

  • Real-time access monitoring: PHP is highly secure as it can keep a log of recent accesses made by the user.
  • Error reporting: Will alert the user straight away if there is an error in the code.
  • Super Fast: Compared to other scripting languages, such as ASP and JSP, PHP is comparatively quick.
  • Open Source: No need to pay for any licences; just download and use.
  • Platform Independent: PHP code runs on every platform, such as Linux, Unix, MacOS X and Windows.
  • Designed for dynamic web applications: PHP code can easily be integrated with HTML code to turn static sites into dynamic ones.

PHP Development Cycle

Custom PHP Development

Our team of project managers can convey your vision clearly to our in-house developers, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to your project. This collaborative approach to PHP development allows us to offer you complete transparency when it comes to timescales, costs and any other information you need. No more confusion, no more delays, just a website for your company that works.


Our PHP developers are experts in all areas of development and have years worth of experience when it comes to building diverse websites in PHP. We pride ourselves in using the latest technology to create innovative and dynamic websites for our clients. So, if you’re looking to revamp your current website or even to develop a brand new site from scratch, our PHP development services are engineered to be the perfect solution.

Customizing Third party Applications

Unleash your business potential by creating overrides for core and third party extensions using Yii, Zend, Symfony, and CodeIgniter etc. by which you can manually change the templates to meet your needs. We deliver secure and scalable PHP web application with highest standard of quality.

Application Maintenance & Optimization

Our team tunes & optimizes PHP applications that typically increase application performance by 25-100%.

By optimizing the applications you can improve user experience and good rankings in search engines

Our PHP Web Expertise


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As we said before, more than 80% of websites all over the Internet are built with PHP. But you might be interested which really large platforms have used this programming language.


CMS stands for Content Management System.A framework is a user-written, custom code within a predefined set of rules. This allows developers to develop modules and applications using core library functions, with PHP as the primary programming language.


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Custom PHP Development Company

Our team of project managers can convey your vision clearly to our in-house developers, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to your project. This collaborative approach to PHP development allows us to offer you complete transparency when it comes to timescales, costs and any other information you need. No more confusion, no more delays, just a website for your company that works.

Middleware PHP Development

Our Middleware PHP application development framework includes a unique blend of features encompassing error handling, dynamic routing & dependency injection to ensure your app is benefitted with robustness, flexibility and scalability.

Backend Development

Backend is the heart of any project, so we at Gladindia can either build a new one from the scratch or dynamically optimize your existing backend for achieving faster data retrieval, seamless content management system, meager server load and easy navigation.

Core PHP Development Services

We are leading PHP development agency and offers a range of core PHP development services:

  • PHP Web Development: Websites built in PHP are known for having a good UI and smooth navigation features.
  • PHP Web Application Development: We have built some remarkable web apps in PHP for a range of top clients.
  • PHP Portal Development: Portals that meet your every business needs. Our PHP developers can build unique features to enhance user engagement.
  • PHP based eCommerce Solutions: Manage your online store with ease and give your customers the best user experience.
  • PHP CMS Development: Create a custom CMS for your business with all the vital admin features you need to manage your processes.
  • PHP CRM Development: Create a bespoke system to manage your customers and their details securely.
  • PHP Web Maintenance: Make sure your PHP website is up to date, bug-free and fully secure with our maintenance services.
  • PHP Web and Apps Migration: Migrate your sites smoothly and disruption-free with our website migration services.

Modern PHP Development

we believe in modern PHP development. This means we follow an agile approach to development, where all our team members work towards the same goals and values. We always aim to:

  • Deliver projects on time with dedication
  • Have a transparent development policy
  • Personalise our client communication
  • Embrace the competitive edge of clients
  • Use the latest and greatest technology
  • Provide innovative solutions to problems

These values are shared not only with our in-house developers, but also our project managers, designers and marketing team. This way we can always ensure our clients the best quality of work possible.


Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX

Code Igniter, Zend, Cake PHP, Laravel, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart, Word Press, OsCommerce, Yii.

IIS, Nginx, Apache, G-Wan, Lighttpd 

 Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Ibase, MongoDB, DB2, Access, SQLite, PostgreSQL.