An HTML5 application project is an application that is displayed in a browser on your desktop or a mobile device. An HTML5 application is typically comprised of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. … CSS and CSS preprocessor file editors and styling tools. Wizard to generate JavaScript clients for RESTful web services.

Building HTML5 Applications - Using HTML5 to Create Mobile Experiences

 Though media queries have broad applicability across the device spectrum, they’re often mentioned in the context of building mobile sites and applications. To wit, the introduction to media queries in the previous article was framed around the creation of tablet and mobile experiences.

Considering the difficulties building mobile sites and apps presents, it’s no wonder that media queries took off. Compared with undesirable alternatives such as browser sniffing (sometimes called device detection) and having to create mobile experiences on a per-platform basis, media queries seem like a true gift. They’re brilliant modules, for sure, and the reason I wrote about them last month is because you should be using them today.

we offer the following HTML5 Services:

An app like experience in browser interface

Support for multiple platforms.

Navigation with collapsible menus.

No app store restrictions.

Support for audio & video streaming

Support for geo-location services.

High resolution imagery on a small screen.

No add-on requirements for multimedia streaming.

Online app cache for offline browsing.

Online app cache for offline browsing.

Normalizing codes for improved sematic value of webpage.